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How to use Projects 📝

The term "project" might sound serious, but in Ping, any task can easily transform into a project with sub-tasks. Just like you would use bullet points in Google Docs or Word, you can create a structured task list 📋.

Why Projects? They allow you to lead while your team manages the nitty-gritty details 🚀.

How to create a Project?

Choose any task—even an assigned one—and opt for the “Turn into Project” feature.

Two ways to do it:
  • Right-click the task in your list:

Turn the task into the project using context menu
  • In task details, hit the [ ... ] button and select Project

Turn the task into the project using task details

Managing your Project 🛠

Once a project is created, you can add and arrange tasks. A Projects tab will appear in the browser and desktop versions for easier access.

Edit mode and Projects tab

Task dependencies 🛑:

You can't kick off that campaign until Sophie nails the graphic design, right? Ping's got you. It locks tasks that can't be started until others are finished 🔒.

Locked task

Locked tasks visibility & notifications

Locked tasks stay off the assignee's list—no point in cluttering it with tasks they can't tackle yet. But once a task unlocks? It pops up on their list and they get a heads-up in the New things tab 🛎.

Unlocked task

Distributing tasks in Projects 🤝

Ping Projects are excellent for allocating work among various individuals. For example, your Marketing Group can handle marketing tasks, Mathilda your accountant looks after finances, and freelancer Sophie takes care of graphics.

The Best Part: Those responsible for individual tasks don't have to see the entire project plan. This makes Ping useful even for those less familiar with project management tools.

Tasks assigned to Monica in the Project
Tasks assigned to Monica in the Project

Create projects using ChatGPT app 🤖

Ever thought of drafting a project straight from a chat? With our ChatGPT plugin, you can! Transform a simple brief into a pre-built project with starter tasks. It’s a quick way to get the ball rolling.

How it works:
  • Chat about your project brief in ChatGPT.

  • Ask to generate a draft project and initial tasks.

  • Jump into Ping's UI to tweak and fine-tune to your heart's content.

See it in action:

Get started:

Head over to our dedicated page to learn how to use Ping in ChatGPT and explore other cool ways to use it.

Projects vs Groups 🤔

While Projects are about breaking down tasks among different roles, Groups focus on collective visibility. For example, a Marketing Group may have tasks spread across multiple projects but needs a unified view for team tasks.

Feedback? We'd love to hear from you on Discord 🎉.


Ping is available for all platforms

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