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Using Built-in Task Flow for Cooperation

Cooperation is the main reason we created Ping. Other apps do a decent job at managing your own tasks, but teamwork is where Ping shines. 🌟

Delegating tasks

Create a new task and use the Who button to set the Assignee.

Use the Who button to assign a person

After assigning a task:

  • The Assignee receives a notification (desktop or mobile)

New task notification
  • The task awaits them in the New things tab

A new task in New things tab
  • Once accepted, you'll know they’ve seen it and are on it 🤝 (It will show "Pending Acceptance" until then)

The dialog asking the Assignee to accept the task
  • Find all your assigned tasks under the Assigned tab

Who's got the ball? Tracking task responsibility

Ever get that "You never replied to my email about this task" excuse? With Ping, Assignees can easily set a task status to Need help. 🚨

  • The Assignee sets a task status to Need help

Set the task status to 'Need help'

  • You get notified in the New things tab

Need help notification in New things tab
  • The task is labeled Need help at the Assignee’s end

  • Once you've offered guidance, it's easy to signal that this task is ready to do and clear your New things tab

The dialog allowing user to mark the task as 'Ready to do'

This keeps everyone on the same page about who's court the ball is in. Transparency is key. 🗝

Pinging instead of commenting

Wondering what’s up with that task you assigned a week ago? Ping offers a neat feature.

Just hit the Ping button:

Ping button in UI

The Assignee receives a friendly, auto-generated nudge: 📣

Auto-generated ping message

Sending tasks for approval

Tasks don't just vanish in Ping. When completed by the Assignee, they move to their Completed tab, allowing them to tackle new tasks.

Set the task status to 'For approval'

On your end, the task remains visible under Assigned tab and awaits your confirmation. Once approved, it moves to your Completed tab. 🎯

The dialog asking user to confirm the task completed by the Assignee

Reopening a task

Had to revisit a completed task? No worries. In Ping, go to the Completed tab or search for the task and uncheck it. The Assignee gets a notification, making it clear that the task needs more work. 🔄

Upcoming collaboration enhancements

  • Soon, Assignees will have an AI Assistant for basic task guidance. 🤖

  • Visual editor and task note formatting

  • Need another crucial feature? Join our Discord community and let us know!

Hope this makes your teamwork in Ping smoother and more efficient! 🛠


Ping is available for all platforms

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