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Use Ping with ChatGPT application 🤖

Chat with ChatGPT to manage your Ping tasks—it's like having an easy-to-talk-to assistant.

See the explainer video:

Ready to try?

First, you'll need a ChatGPT Plus subscription. Then, just start the conversation with Ping Task Manager GPT. You can access the GPT directly from the ChatGPT application (mobile or web version).

What you can do in Ping GPT:

Add and edit tasks 📝:

Say, "I need to prep a report for Friday. Remind me Thursday at 1 PM." ChatGPT picks up on task details, or you can spell them out: "Add task 'Prepare a report' due Friday." We understand:

  • title

  • description

  • deadline

  • reminder

  • project

  • assignee

  • tags

Update task details anytime in the chat. Plus, get a direct link to make UI tweaks in the Ping app 📲.

Delegate 👥:

Simply tell ChatGPT: Ask Caroline to draft a list of potential speakers for our festival by Monday. You'll get a confirmation prompt before the task is officially assigned.

Kickstart projects 🚀:
  • Want to start something new? Just tell us the project and get a draft of starter tasks 📝.

    • Example prompt: "I need to organize an educational festival. Create a project and a few first-step tasks."

  • Got project meeting notes? 📋 Paste 'em in and we'll turn them into tasks 🛠.

  • Know exactly what you need? 🎯 Dictate the project name and its sub-tasks.

View tasks 🔍:

Want to see your tasks sorted by project or person? Just ask: Show me tasks for the festival project, grouped by assignee.


Share it on our Discord 🎧.


Ping is available for all platforms

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