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Meet your AI Task Assistant

Dictate tasks like messages (mobile📱)

Dictate your tasks just like you record messages on WhatsApp. Ping will automatically recognize:

  • 📝 Title (and add corresponding emoji)

  • 🏢 Project

  • ⏰ Deadline

  • 🔔 Reminder

  • 👤 Responsible person

AI will also summarize 📄 the key facts within your voice message!

Type tasks faster (desktop 🖥️)

Type the task in any form. You can address the person who needs to complete the task directly, or simply jot down the key information quickly. Ping will automatically recognize the parameters!

🖥️ Don't have the desktop app yet? Get it here!

Get a little help in your task 🖥️📱

Not sure how to approach a task? 🤖 Ping AI Assistant is here to help you:

  • 🔍 Clarify the purpose of the task and refine its title

  • 🔄 Break down large tasks into smaller, manageable steps!

  • ✍️ Write content and guide you further using ChatGPT 4.0.


Ping is available for all platforms

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