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Advanced and Simple Modes

Our goal is to offer you a tool that has all the advanced features you need 🚀, while also enabling you to collaborate with team members who may not be tech-savvy 👩‍💻👨‍💻. All this because...

Implementing new tools in a team is tough 😓

You've probably tried introducing a new tool among your colleagues before, and you know it's no walk in the park.

  • Oh boy, this looks complex, can I handle it? 😬

  • Wouldn't Google Docs be easier?

  • Let's schedule a training session to figure this out

  • Do we really need another tool when we're already managing?

It's hard to blame these concerns because...

Most popular task managers are quite complicated 🤯

There are many powerful tools out there offering a myriad of features 🌟. However, users often have to:

  • Choose from a multitude of templates 📋

  • Watch a tutorial or go through a walk-through 📺

And yet, users are often greeted by interfaces like this:


Screenshot of Asana app


Screenshot of ClickUp app

Simple Mode in Ping 👌

Ping's Simple Mode is genuinely straightforward. Before we dive into it, here’s what greets you upon launching Ping:

Screenshot of the Simple Mode in Ping

In Simple Mode, all your tasks—whether you assigned them to yourself or received them—go to one place: the My tasks tab.

Advanced Mode 🌈

In Advanced Mode, you can flexibly plan your tasks across three tabs:

Today, Soon, Later tabs in Ping app
  • Today (your plan for today) 🌞

  • This week (plan for the upcoming week) 🗓️

  • Later (remaining tasks awaiting their turn) ⏳

You can also set specific due dates for tasks 🗓️. Tasks with a due date will automatically move to the appropriate tab as the due date approaches. Learn more about planning.

Does Ping have all the features I need?

While designing Ping, we focused on essential features, enabling you to work at your best while making team collaboration easy.

We have:

  • 📥 Quick task addition (with voice recording enhanced by AI)

  • 🏷️ Tags

  •  📚 Projects

  • ⏰ Deadlines

  • ⏸️ Task postponement

  • 🛎️ Reminders

  • 📎Attachments and

  • 💬 Comments

  • 👍 Reactions

  • 📧 Email, Slack, ChatGPT integration

  • 🤖 AI task assistant that helps with task execution

More importantly, we're here to listen 👂. Join our Discord community to suggest new features and improvements.

How to switch between Simple and Advanced Modes? 🔄

Ping will initially ask which mode you'd like to use 🤔:

Choose Simple or Advanced planning in UI

You can change the mode at any time by going to: Settings -> Application -> Use Advanced planning features.

Existing tasks will be merged into the My tasks tab or sorted into Today, This week, Later tabs based on their deadlines 🗂️.


Ping is available for all platforms

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