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Priority or Deadline?🔥🕑

Not every task needs a deadline. In practice, there are many tasks that don't require it, even the most important ones.

When is a deadline good?

If you really need to determine when a task needs to be done:

  • Paying taxes - you'll get a penalty if you don't do it

  • Signing up for a holiday course - after the holidays, it won't make sense anymore 🙂

When can a deadline harm?

When you're trying to establish a task's priority or force yourself to it:

  • Create a marketing strategy for my project

  • Set up a call with Martin

What happens if we overuse deadlines?

  • Deadlines, which in practice are not binding, are often shifted

  • Tasks with a close deadline start piling up on your list, even though they may already deviate from current priorities

  • Tasks unnecessarily mix with calendar events, which are usually harder to move

In Ping, we combine casual, stress-free task planning with the option to set strict timeframes. Find out how.


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